Choose Online Dating? 

Choose Online Dating

Choose Match, Tinder, POF, Eharmony and hope that someone, somewhere is interested

Choose looking at their old photos, wishing they’d put up something recent

Choose reading banal profiles full of lies, half-truths and made-up lifestyles

Choose your future

Choose flicking right, left or maybe

Choose sitting on that sofa repeating yourself to anyone that says hello

Choose game players, time-wasters, people already in relationships

Choose endless messages, coffee meets and lunch dates and worse, finding that absolutely everyone is lying about their age or circumstances.

And then… take a deep breath

You’re an addict

You’re addicted to it and you can’t stop yourself

Choose one night stands and serial monogamy

Choose being stuck in a hopeless rut

Choose your future

Choose life

I choose not to choose Online Dating, I choose something else.

3am on Valentines Night,   I should be sleeping, but I’m in bed wide awake. 

No particular reason.

La Belle Femme is lying beside me,  against me,  she’s hot,   I mean physically and metaphorically.

She’s absolutely roasting!  🙂

I live alone,  or with my daughter and not really used to sleeping with other people,  so it’s different having a warm body beside me.

I’m listening to her breathing,  occasionally murmuring some incomprehensible conversation in her dreams.

She’s just turned over,  away from me,  I feel cooler already.

We’ve had a lovely night,   The usual valentines stuff,  cards, chocolates and flowers.

This afternoon I found myself for the first time ever-ever trimming the stems of her favourite red roses and pink lilies and arranging them in a vase.

Yeah me,  arranging flowers and decorating the dining table for a romantic meal for two.

Some hard-as-nails Govan boy I turned out to be!    But that’s fine,  I was always a softie,  just don’t tell anyone.

She arrives with Champagne which we save for another day as the Prosecco is alreafy chilling and the Rioja breathing.

We get past the formalities ..  🙂

I make dinner,  goats cheese tarts with rocket and balsamic to start,  followed by beef wellington, dauphinois potatoes and roasted Mediterranean veg.

We never got to dessert.

Well not the raspberry and chocolate ones that are still in the fridge.

La Belle Femme,  I’ve known her a long time,   A short romance a long time ago,  when our circumstances of work and young families didn’t allow us the proper time together but now our kids are all grown up and she’s back in my world again.

So why am I telling you this?

I’ve no idea,   I’m feeling reflective, wistful, lucky, blessed even.

Anyone who has been on that online dating scene will have had their share of ups and downs dealing with liars cheats and chancers.

Something I’ve learned is that if you search for perfection, you won’t find it,  you’ll waste time looking over good people to find something that doesn’t exist,  there’s always something that doesn’t fit 100%.

The solution is just to find someone who ticks most of the boxes including all the must-haves.  Then go with it and work the rest out later.

I’m just glad that I’m out of it.

Take me and La Belle,  we met online originally and second time around, so it does kinda work.

She’s younger and much better looking than me.

I think that’s probably a good thing as guys are more visually stimulated and I’m probably more mature and accepting than guys her age who might be looking for a younger chick.

We get on we’ll most of the time,  but it’s not all sweetness and light.  We are both independent and have our own life’s and strong personalities.

But right now,  we’ve probably knocked off a few of the rough edges.

I can live with that.

When it comes right down to it,  I’m just lucky that someone like her will put up with someone like me!


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