Work Stories – Cairo?


So … I’m in the small kitchen area, leaning with my back against the work-top waiting on the kettle to boil.

It’s my second last day at this Bank in Glasgow city centre that currently pays for my time.

Well actually, the banks pays the consultancy that I’m working through and they pay me.

Everybody takes a cut, everybody makes a buck.

Only the customer pays somehow or other, the cost of the project is hidden away in their operating costs as a regulatory change.

And we can’t miss out on regulatory changes can we?
So .. as I was sayin’ ..   

I’m thinking of absolutely nothing except the job offer I received yesterday from the consultancy company.

A fairly large project of 14 months duration in Cairo .. yes the one in Egypt .. moving some work for a different bank offshore from the UK.

It’s a cost-cutting exercise apparently, shipping UK based jobs offshore and the cost of the project is written-off as short-term capital expenditure to save on long term operating expenditure.

The contract guy at the consultancy sent me the details yesterday .. 12 days in Cairo, then back and work in the UK for the next few weeks .. and repeat.

I did what you should do in these circumstances .. check with the foreign office website.

Terrorist attacks on a local church, issues at the airport, attacks in the street on westerners, a plane gone missing suspected blown up.

Me thinks not.

Earlier today I received a follow-up email asking for my thoughts.
So … I was pondering my response and the most polite way to avoid using my most favourite phrase .. ie fuck right off.

Well it doesn’t do to be abusive and forthright in business, I really try hard not to let my Tourettes kick in and piss people off.

When suddenly …   she appears before me ..

A blonde-haired, blue-eyed dream in a clingy figure-hugging wine-dress .. tall, elegant and with a handful of heads watching her behind as she approaches the kitchen area.

In a moment she’s gone .. but her scent lingers and I join the rest of the guys watching her as she departs.

She was way too young and gorgeous for me .. I don’t kid myself on that score.

But she reminded me that I have a 20 year old blonde-blue-eyed daughter at home who looks after herself most of the time, but likes having me around as the bank-of-dad, bouncer, chief cook, bottle-washer and dogs-body.

So tell me .. why would I want to go to Cairo?


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