Merry Christmas To You! – Appreciating The Moments!


How you doing.

It’s 2330 where I am,  last train home and a little drunk and full of Christmas cheer.

I’ve had a good wee night with brother number 2 and his missus,  a Blondie and Pretenders tribute bands at the ABC.   The music of our youth, bouncing around and back to when we were boys.

Later in Ad-Lib, drinking cocktails and sitting-down-dancing with the young DJ  playing more music from our youth – Prince, Grandmaster Flash, Chic etc … this PYT comes over and asks if we were brothers … obviously!

Me and the brothers,  all four of them,  all different but all the same.   You take on one and you take on all,  that’s the way we were brought up.

Christmas Day and I have my three babies, my dad,  my youngest brother, his wife and young kids,  La Belle femme and her daughter coming for dinner.

Could it be better?

You might have a similar family,  or maybe you have a small family.

But I hope you have a fabulous Christmas whatever you do.

Merry Christmas to you.

PS – It’s now 7am on Boxing Day,   the above was mostly written half scooped on the last train home on Friday night and was forgotten about before by the time I got home.


I had a great day yesterday, having young kids around really adds to the magic of Christmas.

Everyone had a lovely day,   It was a lot of work in the preparations and probably not appreciated,  but who cares,  that’s what it’s all about.

Right now the house is silent, no-one else seems to be awake despite storm Barbara doing her best to shake the house down.

My wee dad is downstairs on the sofa bed in the tv room, he’s most likely to be up first.

I’m sure he had a great Christmas, he’s a real family man and loves having his boys and grandkids around.   I don’t know how I’ll cope at some future Christmas when he’s not with us and I’ll miss him terribly.

But that’s another day and there’s no point dwelling on things that haven’t happened yet.

I hope your Christmas was as good as mine,   If it was then count your blessings as these are the good times and we should take a moment to appreciate them while they are here.

I’m feeling blessed.


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