Happy New Moment!  

So it’s 2017,   Cheerio 2016,  you were a nasty little fuck of a year.

Or was it?

Personally,  I’ll miss Bowie, Prince, Glenn Frey, George Michael, Alan Rickman.

But you have to keep these things in perspective,  it’s not as if you or I knew them personally,  is it?

Christmas and among the gifts I received from the kids, a Bowie book and t-shirt.

Bless … I’m not ungrateful but it’s not as if I haven’t seen all those pics before.

I’m difficult to buy for apparently.  The problem being that if I really want something I will have bought it for myself already.

But I’ll give you a hint for the man in your life,  go look at his aftershave that’s running out and needs replacing.   It’s obviously a favourite.

Alternatively,  a designer shirt,  Ted Baker is always a personal favourite,  stylish, quirky detailing, better materials and a good cut,  can’t go wrong.

Besides,  it’s not as if I could ask them to buy me what I really wanted,  a new keyboard for future gigging,  these things are more expensive than I’d ask anyone to pay.

On Friday, I just picked up my new Roland FP-90 Digital Piano,  it has just been released in the Uk.  I swithered on a Nord stage piano,  but this has a good combination of everything I want, particularly the Bluetooth midi features and is an easy switch from my Roland HP-507 home piano.

I may write a review as it’s hot off the shelf and although I like the sound, features and feel of the keyboard,  I’m slightly disappointed that it was damaged on arrival with three keys sticking.   Not as if you often use A7, B7 or C8 anyway! :-).    But that’s hardly the point and it’s going back.

Anyway,  it’s 2am on the 2nd of January, I’m sober,  not had one drop this year and taking at least a month of any alcohol.

Resolutions … none ..  well no conventional ones, no health plan, no life changes,  no ambition, no desire to do X or Y.

Why do people wait for New Year to make changes and plan the things they want to do?

Why not just do it,  at anytime you like?

Here’s the thing,  please share a moment with me … this one ….. that’s it gone.

Was it any different to any other moment?

Life and time passes in a stream of moments,  the earth keeps spinning and slowly goes round the sun at 80,000 miles an hour.

We call that a year,  but who says that year starts on 1st January?  That’s just a man-made concept to organise events and people into manageable constructs and pidgeon hole everyone into convention.

You might get 30 days holiday per year, earn x amount of money per year.  It lets us and business plan.

But personally,  my only resolution is to live in the moment and enjoy each one as it comes.

Happy new year to you,  I hope that it’s full of fantastic moments and brings everything you wish for … If it doesn’t,  go out and do it for yourself … don’t wait for life to come to you .. go and get it.


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