Mind Games?

10pm and she’s on the phone.

I can tell she’s moody but have no idea why.

So I ask …

( I’m that kinda guy )

She says that she has something that she wants to talk to me about,   But she wants to do it face to face.

So I’m perplexed and bamboozled .. even more than usual when it comes to dealing with members of the fairer sex.

I ask her what it is,  give me a clue,  the bullet points,  but she refuses. 

She’s gone within minutes and I’m left wondering what that was all about.

She wasn’t a happy bunny,  I could tell from her tone,  but was that because of something I’ve done .. or something I haven’t done .. which has upset her?

I rack my brains but can’t think of anything.


Maybe!   🙂

I was tired and these games don’t help.

My mind is in overdrive but eventually I fall asleep.

I wake at 4am, staring at the darkness that surrounds me.  The more experienced side of my brain says don’t worry about it,  go back to sleep,  you’ll find out in due course.

And you know that I should have listened.

But when something is playing on your mind,  you don’t .. right?

Curiosity gets the better of you.

So you pick up your phone and check if you have any messages,  you know those long rambling ones written late at night that don’t make sense,  but you’re not allowed to say that … then you check your emails.


So you check Facebook,   You’re still friends, so it can’t be that bad .. maybe?

Soon it’s 5am, it’s still dark,  you’ve had to get up for a pee and the house is cold as it’s winter and the heating hasn’t kicked in yet.

You consider making tea,  but you’re too tired and want to get back to sleep.

But you can’t.

Your mind is far too active.

You read your twitter feed,  some bollocks argument about Scottish Independence.

Typical nationalist making claims without backing what he claims as facts up with links to his sources.

Someone makes a good point … that it takes more effort to disprove a lie than make it up.

Think about that for a moment.

No I mean really think about it.  Think of those times when someone has lied to you and you suspected it,  but couldn’t prove it and had to take their word,  only later to find out they were lying and you new that you should have trusted your instincts.

When that little voice inside says .. he/she’s lying … listen to it.

Unrelated .. but check the video below and the quote from Denzel,  clever man.  “If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uniformed,  if you do then you’re misinformed”

In the Information Age people cling to what they believe is evidence that matches their belief system.

But in reality, that evidence can be made up rubbish and they accept it because they are too lazy to or incapable of investigating for themselves.

Quite deep for 5:55am and the clock silently ticking towards my alarm at 7.

Of course there is no clock.

When did you last see anyone under 50 with a clock in their bedroom? 🙂

6am and I’m still wondering what the fuck it is that she wants to talk about.

Mind games.

Deliberate or unintended.

Don’t you fucking hate that?

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