The Games a Bogey! #CelticFC


A few months ago,  before this years Scottish Premier Football League started,  I blogged that Celtic were a sure thing to win the league and were worth investing in as at a win-ratio of 33% after tax were much better than money in the bank at 2%.before tax.

At that time,  the odds were 1 to 3 on .. ie put on £1000 and it gets you £333.

Our apparent nearest rival newco Rangers,  were best priced at 7/2.

A relative ten-fold difference and an indication of who the bookies thought would win the league even before a ball was kicked.

Today Celtic are 8 points ahead having played only 13 games to the newcos 16.

The odds are now 1/200 against and 40/1 ..  a relative difference of 8000 times more likely that Celtic will win the league .. ie forget about it .. the games done.

How unrealistic were those odds and obviously based on the please-make-it-happen dreams of the punters and bookies combined.

But because you want something to happen doesn’t make it so.

My position at that time,  not based on football directly,  but was on my understanding of how well each club was ran as a business.

Lets be honest ..  newco Rangers are a disaster,   The Danny De Vito to Celtics Arnold Schwarzenegger .. they just weren’t going to compete.

With this years Champions League money and increased ticket revenues,  who would put money against Celtic making the fabled 10 in a row?

There is no competition,  our closest competitors were liquidated almost 5 years ago after running up £160 million of unpaid debt and £100 million of social taxes.

I don’t know who this team are that play in blue at Ibrox but they sure ain’t Rangers.

Here we go .. 10 in a row.

It’s too easy really.


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