A small rock travelling through space ..


The sun setting over Loch Lomond


Yesterday,  with holidays left to burn and no more Mondays at work this year,  I’m up in the Loch Lomond area .. isn’t it gorgeous?

A walk from the car-park at Balmaha to the top of Conic Hill,  then back down again but taking the northern ridge which brings you out around half a mile further along the loch.

It’s my favourite place in the world.

Glasgow, Edinburgh,  London, Paris, Barcelona,  Rome ..

The Maldives, Caribbean, USA,  Hong Kong …

These places all have their beauty,   their own merits,  but none move me and make me feel as connected with nature as standing on a ridge with barely another soul within miles, looking at that loch and the full glory of the Scottish Highlands to the north.

It’s very humbling,  makes you realise how absolutely insignificant you are in the world and how even although this looks huge it’s only a small corner of the world.

Yesterday,  it was bitterly cold .. mid-afternoon and the wind chill was biting.

But we were wrapped up and generated our own warmth.

We walked back along the beach back to the car and as it was getting dark and avoid the Glasgow rush-hour, we skipped the usual stop-off at The Oak Tree Inn and headed for home.

By 5pm,  the roads were icy and by 6pm at home my garden was looking white with frost.

It had been a lovely day,  but it gives a sense of perspective,   it makes me realise,  that we really are on a big rock travelling through space at 80,000mph,  around a big golden ball of Hydrogen and without that Hydrogen none of us would exist.

When you consider that .. all day to day problems are fairly insignificant.

So what if the worst happens .. will the world stop turning?

Nope .. it will continue and not even notice that you existed.

Thats how small you and I are.

In the universal scheme of things we are absolutely insignificant.

Today at my desk,  sitting passing time in a bank,  it really does seem meaningless.

That big world is out there and I’m stuck here earning a crust.

Just like everybody else.

So keep in mind that,  it’s just a job .. it’s not your life,  life is much more important.

The job isn’t completely meaningless,   the point is in making bucks to provide a lifestyle.

But its empty,   shallow,  absolutely barren of any soul.

How much would I love to change that?

A few weeks ago,  my daughters boyfriend told me that he and Laura were starting to look at houses together and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

When Laura and I went looking at cars a few weeks ago,  she was saying that she might want to change her new Audi A1 in a few years as she might want to start having a family.

If a family does come along .. I’m giving this work malarkey up altogether,   get a dog and look after the grand-kids,  take them out walks and show them some perspective.

I don’t know about you .. and maybe if you’ve read this far then you’ll allow a little indulgence .. but life is far too short to work in a dull job and not to do all the things that we really want to do.

Somehow, having a day off work,  just seem to bring that into focus.


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