Wolf – 5 – Freedom


That’s the thing about being divorced, or at least separated .. after the initial emotional trauma, if you even have that, you’re single and free to do what you like.

Okay, the process didn’t turn out exactly how I planned it, caught red-handed and unceremoniously kicked out the family home with a couple of suitcases packed and waiting in a hotel room for me.

It wasn’t good .. and came as a bit of a shock at the time.

Add in the loss of business and business reputation and there was a significant personal loss.

I could have argued the toss, that Michelle owed me, but they had the proof of my illicit encounters and business dealings.

They also had the proof that I had squirreled away almost two hundred grand of money from the business into a secret personal account.

As I sat in the hotel room and read the document from her lawyer with the gory details from her private investigator, I knew that I had been caught and there wasn’t much point in arguing about it.

But that was the least of my worries, possible criminal charges for taking defrauding the business and taking secret videos of my carnal encounters.

It was all there, well not all of it, but enough to cause permanent damage if I didn’t go along with the deal on offer.

Keep what you have, no more cash, no claim on the family home, no claim on the business or pension rights and there would be no criminal charges.

I took the offer and signed the affidavit at her lawyers a few days later.

Was I bitter?

I was at first, but that would be too easy. I knew that I’d broke the rules.  I’d had my cake and eaten lots of other peoples, it was my turn to pay the piper.

Do you know one of the signs that a cop recognises if your guilty or not?

If you’re innocent and banged up overnight on a charge for a crime that you didn’t commit, you don’t sleep and spend the night pacing the cell because you replay it in your head over and over. again.

But .. if you’re guilty and you know you did it and that they have you bang to rights with the evidence to prove your crimes, then you sleep easier, because you accept it. You accept that the game’s over.

That’s how it was for me .. it was a shock initially, but I accepted it pretty quickly.

A couple of nights in the hotel, then back to my flat.. the one that Michelle didn’t know about, but she certainly does now.

I was planning this anyway, I had already left Michelle emotionally, Maybe if I had been up-front about that then we could have came to a better financial arrangement.

But I was miserable, I took my chances, had my fun and possibly made a wrong decision, but there was no point crying about it now.

Do you want to know the saddest thing?

I wasn’t the best of dads, I did what I had to do, school runs, scouts, football runs .. but if truth be told in recent years I’d been looking after my own interests and leaving Michelle to deal with the kids.

Now, even although the deal is that I have them every second Saturday from the morning until noon on the Sunday, they don’t want to see me.

Little bast’ards!

I didn’t want that, even if we had separated without this fuss there would have been emotional consequences for them. I just hope that they come round and that Michelle hasn’t turned them against me.

Work-wise, I’ll take a few months to let the dust settle, the gossip is already flying and poor Alisdair was asked to leave for being part of our deal.

He didn’t even get a redundancy package, I wonder how he will explain that to his wife.

I’ve call him a few times, but I think he’s blocked my number .. his loss, but it was fun while it lasted.

So here we are Friday night, sitting in on my own, looking out the ceiling to floor window overlooking the Glasgow harbour, with the Clyde flowing silently below. The football is on my big screen tv, there’s a beer at my side and my laptop is open browsing a few sites.

This is the first day to my new life and it’s time to get out there and do all the things that I want to do.

Freedom at last.

Freedom to see as many women as I want and owe nobody nothing.

Am I looking for a new relationship?

Am I hell, but I’m not going to tell that to any women that I happen to encounter.

Looking for a relationship seems to be what most of them want, it gives a sense of commitment, even if its transient.

At least now,  I can honestly say that I’m not married or in a relationship.

What was it that Robbie Williams sang about .. Serial Monogamy?

Yeah whatever Robbie, I think I’m more into Parallel Polyamory.

Watch out for me, I’ll probably see you around or online.



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