For the people, by the people?



What a week eh?

Trump elected as President of the USA, despite receiving slightly less actual votes than Clinton.

Seems that he won not on the Popular Vote, but on the Electoral Colleges, picking up wins in the swing states.

I’m neither a Trump or a Clinton fan, as far as I’m concerned most politicians are corrupt to one degree or another and these two are right up at the top of the food chain.

Seems to me though, that I’d be pissed off if I was Clinton and won the peoples vote yet lost out because of the electoral colleges.

Government for the people by the people?

Nah .. didn’t think so.

But thems the rules, as long as everyone knows the rules ahead, then that’s fine, we all know what we are aiming for and the winner won, the loser didn’t.

In the UK, or at least on my social media the US election has touched a few nerves with the usual subjects. You know the ones. Those who post something derogatory just to be offended because they didn’t get their own way.

Trump is a .. racist/xenophobe/bigot/crook … the same people blabbing on as usual.

Clinton or Trump .. I’ve no idea why the usual suspects are protesting … one is as rooked as the other.

If you believe he conspiracy theorists, they are both funded by the same sources .. ie the Rothschild and Rockerfellers, who like brothers Randolph and Mortimer Duke  from Trading Places or that miserable old sod Henry F Potter in It’s A Wonderful Life have the acumen, resources and ruthlessness to buy low when everyone is selling their assets, quite often due the stress that the buyers have created.
These same people who blabbed on are are still posting their shit about Brexit and the Scottish Independence referendum.

Well I’ve got news for them, … the people spoke and they lost .. and Scotland decided to stay in the UK and the UK voted to leave the EU.

Wise decisions?

We will only know in the fullness of time .. but like the vote for Trump, people are voting for him or Brexit because they see their country being destroyed by the flood of migrants from elsewhere destroying their living standards.

Hows this for irony .. and for the the real reason that I posted these thoughts ..

The leader of the Scottish Parliament Nicola Sturgeon after recently nailing her flag to the Clinton camp, calling Trump a racist etc .. is now stating that the American people have voted and “we” .. must accept that the people have spoken.

What a double standard lying hypocritcal little gob-shite she is.

She refuses to accept that the majority of Scotland voters decided to remain in the UK and that the majority of UK voters decided to leave the EU.

She should get back to her day job of running the country as it is, within the constructs of the UK as the people have decided, not traipsing around the world pushing her agenda for Scotland to remain in the EU independent of the UK.

We had that vote Nicola .. and you lost.

Deal with it.



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