Ever seen a blind man cross the road?


Ever seen a blind man cross the road?

My first ever live gig is getting closer and closer.

Just over a week to go and me and the bhoys are practicing like crazy for our short set at our inaugural gig.

None of us guys have played in public before or even played in a band which is a learning experience in itself.

You see the thing with playing with other people is they have different ideas from you and you can’t please everyone, so you have to compromise.

Most importantly .. you all need to be singing from the same song-sheet literally and metaphorically.

Capo’s for the guitar and and transposing the keyboard need to be aligned and arrangements agreed of who is playing which part.   It’s awful when everyone tries to play the same thing at the same time or goes off on their own.

Take Tommy for example, he hasn’t did the same amount of practice as Alan, John and myself and when we’ve recorded the practices sets, its noticeable that he is playing out of tune.

He thinks that playing something from the same key as the song gives it a nice feel .. but no .. it just sounds like a different tune.

It’s a learning curve for all of us .. but we are getting there.

Got to tell you .. having never played in front of an audience .. I’m both excited and bricking it!

I’m playing and singing Handbags and Gladrags ala Stereophonics which I think is a better cover than the Rod Stewart version.

Having never sang in public before, I am terrified of making a complete arse of myself.

I’m both looking forward to it and can’t wait until it’s over.

It’s quite a strange combination of emotions.

I am that blind man trying to cross the road!  🙂

The set-list

Wild Wood – Paul Weller
Handbags And Gladrags – Stereophonics
Heart Of Gold – Neil Young
You Can’t Always Get What You Want – Rolling Stones
Maggie Mae – Rod Stewart
That’s Entertainment – The Jam
Valerie – Zutons
Angels – Robbie Williams

My version of Handbags which the boys are using as a practice for solo-practice,  although I’ve raised it a semi-tone since then.


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