Wolf – 1 – Free!


It was just sex!

No really I swear to you, it meant absolutely nothing.

Well maybe a bit of ego scratching on my part but it was all just a bit of fun and I never meant to hurt anybody.

Yes I know I was married at the time, but you know all about that, I was frustrated and felt neglected, she was always tired and spent more time with the kids than me.

Because sex never happened, or when it did it was dull and functional rather than exciting.

So I took my desires elsewhere.

I honestly didn’t mean to hurt anyone or break up the marriage.

The videos?

They were just souvenirs, harmless bits of fun, for a bit of solo ego-scratching at a future date .. no harm done, it wasn’t as if I was going to broadcast them.

Yes I was wrong to take them secretly, well most of them, some of the girls were quite happy to perform in front of camera. Take Susie for example, she loves it, in fact she has copies of her own.


Of course Moira doesn’t know … what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you .. right?

I mean what’s the point in raking up old news now?

I’ve already said that I was wrong .. I accept that, I’ve already apologised, I don’t know why people are still making such a big fuss about it.

It wasn’t as if anyone was actually hurt.

Was it?

David paused the video

“And there you have it, the typical behaviour of the sociopath, selfishly fulfilling their own desires and gratifications, refusing to accept blame or consequences for their actions unless they are repeatedly pointed out to them and even then wondering what the fuss is about.”

Angela his wife was still staring at the screen in silence, her mouth hanging,  her eyes wide.

“That’s .. ”

“Yes it is,  shocking”

“The guy is a complete animal,  did he get sent to prison or this?”

“No,  the women involved,  at least the ones that the police could contact didn’t want to press charges.   His wife has filed for divorce and he has lost his business,   the treatment I’m giving him is part of his punishment”

“Well he should have been.   Have you seen the videos he made?”

“No,  the police have destroyed them,   but I’ve heard that they were quite depraved.”

“Is this the sort of thing that you deal with every day?”

“Not usually as detailed as this,   Charles is highly intelligent,  devious,  determinedly willful and malicious.   Despite the video’s,  he really isn’t the violent type,  but he gives off a vibe that you wouldn’t want to cross him.

There’s a depth to him,  something behind the eyes,  that you know he is considering every word he says,   playing you, telling you want you want to hear,   trying to manipulate the system”

“Where is he now?”

“He has a flat in Glasgow city centre,   his wife doesn’t want him anywhere near the house,   but he gets to see his kids every second weekend.

“You mean he still gets to see his kids?” Angela voice raising an octave to back up her exacerbation.

“Well,  he isn’t a threat to them,  he hasn’t been charged with anything and he’s a free man”

“He’s a complete scum-bag!!  If it was up to me I’d lock him up and throw away the key.”

“Calm down Angela,  he might be a scumbag,  be morally questionable,  but you don’t get locked up for having questionable morals or every politician would be under key.

“So he’s free to do whatever he likes?”

“Absolutely,   apart from coming for his weekly treatment session every week, he can do whatever he likes.”

“That is an absolute disgrace”

“Yes,  but that’s the law for you”

David kissed Angela on the cheek and closed his lap-top.   He wasn’t supposed to show anyone the private sessions that he had with his clients,   but Charles was exceptional and there might be some papers or a book in it for him.

She turned the bed-side lamp off and they cuddled together in the darkness,  his breathe against her neck as she fell asleep.

But he didn’t fall asleep,  his mind was still thinking about the videos that he had on the lap-top all 467 of them,  images flashing through his head of the situations involving 93 women and he wondered how Charles had got away with his games for so long.

He could feel his cock rising against her bottom and immediately felt guilty that the images had excited him,  like watching p0rn,  only this was real,  not actors pretending to be fictional characters and cheesy back-drops.

He considered making love to her,  right there and there.  Making love?     More like roughly taking her before she fell fast asleep.   She quite enjoyed a surprise fuck in the morning,  so he didn’t think she’d mind.

But it felt dirty,  something was badly wrong that this had turned him on.   Natural as it might be,   it was as morally questionable as Charles’ own behaviour.

He rolled on to his back,   staring at the darkness and silently masturbated to relieve the tension in his groin as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep.

He closed his eyes,  the images flashing through his mind,  stroking himself,  the sheet lifted just enough so that Angela wouldn’t feel any movement. 

Moira, Diane, Susan,  the list went on. 

He had watched every video,  he was sure that he wasn’t the only one. 


The start of a new story .. been in my head for a while.

Charles is the bad-guy from The Platform Lovers .. a seriously manipulative liar and cheat.

I like writing about the bad guy .. makes a change form being the good guy.

Or does it!  🙂


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