Train Stories – Basic Instincts?

She’s a very attractive woman.

Particularly when you look past her subtle make-up and realise what age she is.

I’d guess that she’s late 40s, her long dark hair tied back showing her pretty features although the lines under her eyes give the game away.

She’s dressed to thrill, classic rather than trendy. Her dress reminds me of the one that Julia Roberts wore to the polo match in Pretty Woman, only this has black polka-dots and is fitted rather than flouncy and accentuates her shapely figure.

She sits with her legs crossed, the increased tension and her recent fake-tan, emphasises the muscle tone in her legs.

Those are great legs.

She is directly opposite me ten feet away with the entrance foyer between us.

We are both sitting on the aisle side of a bank of three seats and as the train is relatively quiet we have an unencumbered view of each other and it’s difficult not to get caught looking never mind making eye contact.

Occasionally our eyes meet as we both look up and forward at the same time then just as quickly we look away.

I mean, we are on a train, what’s going to happen?

A Basic Instinct moment … in your dreams!

I’m looking at my phone, catching up with my twitter feed, but her legs are in my peripheral vision and its impossible not to steal the occasional glance.

Those are great legs.

Should I subtly sneak a picture?

Let me stop you right there …

Admiring glances yes, but a sneaky picture?

Not a chance!

She’s clearly going somewhere ( well she’s on a train daftie ) . but that’s not what I mean, she has a roll-on suitcase at her side, big enough for a few nights away or a week at a push.

Her phone pings and she looks down at it, then smiles as she sees who the text is from.

She replies, her eyes lit up smiling and subtly moves her legs without uncrossing them.

Something somewhere has been stimulated and she had to move a little.

Her lover is obviously looking forward to meeting her and she’s looking forward to seeing him too.

I smile to myself, as a fellow traveller, literally and metaphorically , I’m happy for their happiness.

She finishes her text and looks up, momentarily catching my eye, seeing me smile, she smiles back, knowing that I know where she’s going.

Then we look away, both looking at our phones, the moment passed, yet lingering.

A few minutes later the train arrives at Argyle Street and I get up to leave.

She remains seated, most likely travelling on to Glasgow Central.

I wonder if she’s meeting her lover there or if she has another journey to go before they meet.

As I turn to go, our eyes meet one last time and we share a knowing smile before the doors open and I disappear into the crowd.

Why is it that this seems to be a new romance rather than a long-term relationship?

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