Who’s That Team They Call The Rangers?


Who’s that team they call the Rangers?
Who’s that team they all adore?

One of the good old fashioned non-bigoted Rangers songs that used to be sung in support of their team.

I have absolutely no problem in that,   in fact I’m all for people supporting their team and all for a bit of rivalry and wind-up .. just leave the hatred / politics / whatever out of it.

To be fair to the 8000 or so Rangers fans who turned up at Celtic Park on Saturday,  I didn’t hear any of the usual bigoted singing from my seat in The Jock Stein Stand.

Possibly a few opening bars of The Billy Boys before it was over-taken by the Celtic response of mimicking the tune with Ha-ha’s.

But who is that team they call The Rangers?

It certainly wasn’t the Rangers of old with a side full of highly paid ( and under-taxed ) international players at the top of their game.    This was a different combination of youngsters and over-the-hill out of contract pro’s looking for a last-gasp pension top-up.

That was the first time I’ve seen the new club since they went into administration in Feb 2012,  then subsequently relaunched as Sevco Scotland when Charles Green bought the assets from the administrators in questionable circumstances.

Now I can’t see what the fuss was about.

The first league meeting where Celtic beat the new club 5-1 can only be described as a “doing”.

A doing,  an embarrassment,  the kind of beating that makes fans turn on players and management and hopefully demand answers to a few difficult questions.

Like  .. Where’s the war-chest Dave?


They are fucked,  we know they are fucked,   they know they are fucked.

The past few years they’ve been telling us about “The Journey”.


Looks like they’ve still got a very long way to go and absolutely no chance of catching up with Celtic who have disappeared over the horizon.

After the game on Saturday,  the bookies almost halved the odds on Celtic winning the league from 2/9 to 1/8  … that means if you put 8 quid on you get 1 back in winnings.

Consequentially, they also lengthened the odds of The Rangers winning the league from 5/1 to 7/1,   a pound on now returns 7 rather than 5.

Comparing the ratios,  Celtic are 56 more times likely to win the league than the new club.

Now don’t say I didn’t give you the heads up on that before the season started when a 10k investment would have returned 3.33k ( 33%)  but now only returns 1.25k.(12.5%)

Still better than money in the bank!



Look at the odds above ..  with no disrespect to Aberdeen or Hearts,  they never were in the competition to win the league.    The only reason the book-makers gave The Rangers a better chance was because of the delusions of their followers who will have bet with their hearts rather than their heads.

Taking Celtic out of the betting The Rangers are favourites to finish second at 4/7.   Aberdeen next at 10/3 and Hearts at 9/2.

On current form,  a wee speculation on Hearts to finish second might be a good bet,  but it will be interesting to see the results when the both Hearts and Aberdeen play the new club in the next few weeks.



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