I Don’t Hate Rangers?


I don’t hate Rangers
I don’t hate Rangers
I want to shoo-oooo-oot
The new club down.

Where do you stand on the oldco / newco Rangers debate?

There is no debate .. the old club/company are in liquidation .. FACT.


The new club joined the 4th tier of Scottish football and have been grinding their way back to the top league, with an unexpected stumble last year when the new club ran second to Hearts in the championship and the new club failed to beat Motherwell in the SPFL play-offs.

And how we laughed!

Now the new club are in the SPFL and face Celtic on Saturday for the first time in league football.

The last outing in the Scottish Cup where the new club beat Celtic after extra time and penalties was mighty embarrassing for the hoops and the death knell for Ronnie Delia.

I watched the game with a bunch of Rangers supporting mates in The Kames Hotel near Tighnabruigh .. it was an exciting game and Celtic were beat fair and square.

In contrast to what is often portrayed by the media as hatred between Celtic and Rangers fans ( old or new ) , the atmosphere in the pub was friendly.

When Rangers scored first and a loud cheer went up, my mate Jim said to me that I was in the wrong pub.

But when Celtic scored .. it was clear that he had mis-judged the crowd and there were more of us than them .. even although I was the only Tim in my company of 12 guys + 6 kids.

Well me and one of the kids .. clearly the most intelligent one!  🙂

No point in going into all the details of the game, but when it was over there were handshakes all round and big smiles on the faces of my mates .. they knew they’d got away with it, due a poor Celtic performance on the field and by the management.

But things have changed since then ..

Celtic have a new experienced manager and have brought in a 5 quality players, most of which I doubt would have came for Delia.

Rangers have brought in a quality but aging player in Joey Barton and a few other players who I would contend are over the hill, which was demonstrate last week when the sluggish Chris Boyd of Kilmarnock ran through their defence to score.

I am really looking forward to the game .. but for me the football is incidental .. it could be tiddly-winks for all I care.

I really don’t hate Rangers .. I don’t hate anyone .. its a negative draining emotion.

But if you listen to the hate filled bigoted singing of their fans who believe that the team which they support represents some sort of out-dated superior race .. that they “arra peeul”  .. it makes me sad for them.

I actually think they are more to be pitied and I really feel sorry for these uneducated fools clinging to a bygone era of white Protestant supremacy.

As a lapsed Catholic, I could never be one of them, yet they direct their hated of all things Irish and Catholic in my direction.

Irish,  Catholics, Immigrants. .. it plays on their deep-rooted fears of losing their jobs, their comfortable existences where there were jobs for the boys and they didn’t need to work too hard as it was all sorted with a handshake.

But it’s time to wake up .. the world has changed.

They aren’t to be hated, they are to be pitied .. and hopefully educated.

When they revel in their hatred, lets all laugh at them.

It’s 22 men wearing shorts kicking a ball about on a field of grass ..

So a little perspective please ..  its not life or death .. it means nothing.

But up close and personal .. if you tell me that you want to be “Up to your knees in Fenian blood” .. that might just illicit a different response.

I just hope that Celtic demonstrate their superiority on the field and show that we are  better organised,  better financed and no longer the under-dogs of Scottish Football.

The thing that keeps these bigots quiet is by putting the ball in the net .. when we score there is a cognitive dissonance between reality and their belief system …  as a result .. they are silenced  and leave early.

Thanks for the donation!

A win for Celtic, will put us 4 points clear with a game in hand against Partick Thistle. which should,  on the balance of probabilities, be a win .. therefore 7 points ahead.

If Celtic go that far ahead in the league,   it will be obvious how far behind they are,  that their directors have failed to support the team and their attendances will fall.

My only problem with beating them is the increased amount of violence afterwards .. even if the number of incidents are relatively small, it’s sickening and personally I believe that outweighs the sporting occasion.

Excitement is building in Glasgow,  even in my office were football is never discussed,   probably because they are all Rangers fans,   comments are being made.

Personally I fly low,   listen to everything, say nothing.

But I’m really looking forward to the game.

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