The Sweeter The Tune?


She was a babe in her day
But that day isn’t today
Or even yesterday
Not even 10 years ago
When she was 40

She’s a cougar
A slinky sexy cat on heat
Who looks at me
Like I’m fresh meat
She smiles her perfect smile
But I was only joking
Looking for some fun

She touches my arm
As she tells me of
All the things she likes
That I like too

Then licks her lips as I reply
Holding my eye
I wonder what else
She’d like to hold

She says that a young thing
Like me
Wouldn’t be interested
In an old thing
Like her

And I know she’s fishing
Looking for reassurance
That she’s still got it

Whatever “it” is
That her sparkle
Is still alluring

The older the fiddle
The sweeter the tune
They say
Well they would
When they’re old!

But it’s not easy to get a tune
When one of the strings is broken
The neck is sagging
And her upper bout is loose

At least her lower bout held firm
As I placed my face
upon her chinrest

My fingers plucking pizzicato style
An inch above her bridge
To test if she’s in tune

The first movement
A slow haunting melody
Rising in pitch and tempo
Andante to Appasionato
As she puts her hand on mine
And shows me where to go

The second movement
Much faster with my bow
Animato y Allegro
Power and passion
Peaking at crescendo
A long final thrust
And then released

We played our broken rhapsody
Three times at least that night
Delicate sweet and passionate
Vivaldi would be proud

She slept lying soft against me
And I held her in the dark
Her scent filling my senses
As I wondered
When I would see her again?



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