Keeping Politics Out Of Paradise?


Where do you stand on the Israel / Palestinian conflict?

Do you believe that Israel are bullies and the Palestinians are being suppressed?


Do you believe that Israel is fully within it’s rights to occupy the Gaza strip and to defend itself from Palestinian terrorists?

I expect that if you have an allegiance to either group then you’re views are already entrenched and no amount of discussion will change your view.

Personally, I believe that in most discussions, if you say black and I say white, then the answer is some form of grey, a dark grey or a light grey is in the detail but grey none-the-less as there are few absolutes.

The only absolute I subscribe to is that violence is not acceptable at anytime, by either side.

The counter-points being the right to defend yourself, which either side will obviously utilise to justify their attacks on the other.

Pathetic really .. I would like to believe that only a political solution can resolve this issue, however this is unlikely with both sides so ingrained in their point of view.

It’s like kids, fighting, sometimes, you need to be the adult, take away their toys, skelp their arse and tell them to behave.

My hope is that the UN eventually recognise Palestine as a full state, prevent Israel from controlling it’s borders and we all move along together.

Tonight Celtic play Hapoel Beer Sheva of Israel in the UEFA Champions League.

Traditionally Celtic are the under-dog of Scottish Football , we were historically the anti-establishment team.

Because of the historic and ongoing support for a united Ireland by the majority of fans, the UK national anthem has never been sang amongst the Celtic support at any time as far as I’m aware.

The UK Union Flag, aka The Union Jack, is never flown at Celtic Park and is only ever waved by visiting supporters to taunt the support and provoke a reaction in the mugs who react to it.

I’m proud of my Irish and Scottish Heritage .. but here’s a reality check ..Celtic are not an Irish team,  we are a Scottish team which resides in the UK.

Deal with it.

I would even contest that with the demise of our biggest rivals, the fraility of their tribute act which are clinging to existence and having had the Chairman of The Bank Of England and various MPs as directors and chairman, Celtic have dropped their historic underdog status and are now the establishment team.

Obviously many Celtic fans don’t like that reality .. it goes against their socialist leanings and … Dare I say it their own circumstances and victim mentality which causes them to support any other group who they perceive as victims.

There is much debate on the various Celtic blogs regarding the possibility of an organised protest, of fan groups waving the Palestinian flag to show their support.

But what is the point in that? What will it actually achieve?

The only thing that it will achieve is a fine and other penalties on Celtic as rightly or wrongly UEFA do not allow political statements and the Palestine is not currently a fully recognised state of the UN.

So please please .. I just hope that my fellow Celtic supporters leave their politics outside the stadium.

As for the football, which is almost just a medium to provide an outlet for the protest, Celtic are favourites at 11/8 for a win tonight but Haopel are a decent team and at 9/2 might be worth a punt if you’re not a Celtic fan.

Tonight, meeting the bhoy and my pals for a curry and a few beers then heading off to Paradise to hear the rousing melody of Zadok The Priest blasting over Celtic Park.

It’s nights like these that make the football fantastic.

Mon The Hoops!


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