The Cosmic Poker Game Of Time?



How much time do you have?

Not to read this blog … I mean,  how much time do you have left in amongst the living?

If you believe the bible,   then we get three score years plus ten .. thats 70 years to you and me.

Regardless of the source,   I think thats a pretty decent general average based on experience and observations rather than historic statistics.

70 years .. it seems like a long time.

Although,   I don’t know if I’d want to keep living if my faculties were gone .. would you?

Life is short and you have to live it while you can.


My wee dad is 81 and the wisest man I know.  He has the ability to see beyond himself and his own immediate needs, to look for the truth and not the reasons that he wants to find.

81 and the clock is ticking for him as it is for us all .. It goes without saying that we should appreciate every moment we are here and our parents while they are with us.

But in the past few days I’ve had a few bits of news that got me thinking ..

A not-close family member killed himself last week,    his cancer had came back and he couldn’t face the chemotherapy again .. so took his own life .. very sad for him and the family left behind.

A friend of a friend died at the weekend,  agred 22,  just tragic.

I hadn’t though of it before but by definition the average is reduced by the two events above ..  ie if wasn’t for these tragedies cutting peoples life’s short and everyone lived to  their full expected age then that full life expectation would be significantly higher.

Alternatively .. if the average is truly 70 .. does that imply that for everyone who lives over 70,   then someone else has to die early?

That in some cosmic poker game of time where there are only so many time-chips available on the table ..  for you to win someone else has to lose?


Nonsense really .. we are no more significant than the ants at our feet,   life comes and goes in its glory and tragedy and you can only make the best of it and look after yourself,  your family and the planet while you are here.

The clock is ticking and when its over .. it’s over.

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