The Way I Was?

I can’t get back to the way I was
No matter how I try
I just need to get used to the way I am
Until the day I die

Whatever happened to my skinny waist?
My arms of bulging muscle?
I used to carry my wife right up the stairs
And it wasn’t any trouble

Now I look in the mirror and sigh each day
At my sagging eyes and hair of grey
And I ask myself what happened to me
But know this is the only way

Sometimes I think back
To the way I was
Of broken hearts and chances lost
And I wonder if it was woth the cost
But its far too late to change

Then I smile and think of the things I’ve done
Of the girls I’ve kissed
And the trophies won

Yeah this life has been a load of fun
And I’ll fight the good fight
Til my last breathes done

Now my grandson sits on my knee
He looks up at me
then has a pee
His big blue eyes can do no wrong
And I know why I’m here

I wonder if he’ll turn out like me
Big and strong with integrity
and hope he is all that he can be
As he travel on life’s journey

I’ll tell him that time waits for no man
To grab his happiness when he can
But most of all I hope that he
Is better than the way I was


I don’t have any grand-kids yet .. hopefully someday.

Bit of a dilemma that really,   the kids are currently 27, 26 and almost 19 and although I want to be a grampa and I jealous about my brothers and cousins who are already grampas.  I’d never wish my kids lifes away or want them to jump into the wrong relationship.

All good things come in their own time .. I suppose!



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