Not Money In The Bank?


Toniight Celtic play Astana of Khazikstan in in the third qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

As per the yesterdays blog,  I am not a betting man,   but I am up for a wee flutter if the reward ouweighs the risk .. i.e. I like a “dead cert” which I see as investment rather than a gamble .. which of course is nonsense.

If Celtic win the league it returns 33% on a 10 month period or less and is free of tax,   much better than money in the bank at 3% tops and taked at the higher rate.

I’ve alwyas been a put your money where your mouth is guy so I’m seriously tempted.

But as for tonights game,  the best bets are 4/7 Celtic returnign 175 for a hundred quid stake and 5/1 Astana returning 600 for a £100 stake .. including your original “investment”.

So the bookes favour Celtic to win ..

I do too,  but not to the margin that the bookies are offering as Astana were a decent team last week and had many more attempts at goal than Celtic did,   in my memory although the BBC match report and stats gives both team the same number of attempts at goal.

Tonight,  I think we will win but its going to be tough and its not a foregone conclusion so there won’t be any “investment” from yours truly.

I have 2 simple rules.

1 –  Never bet money that you can’t afford to lose

2 – If you’re not going to get a decent return then whats the point in betting?

A punt of 100 quid would make it interesting but I don’t believe in giving bookies donations.


10 minutes more “work” … if you can call the nonsense I do working for a living ..  and I’m meeting my bhoy for a beer and a bite to eat before the game.

Mon The Hoops!  🙂









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