I See You Baby …

What is it with girls butts that I love so much?

Hey .. don’t worry .. its not just butts!

I parked the car about 500 yards from the train station this morning and as I started my walk down the road she appeared from a side street .. tall,  blonde,  not a slim girly girl ..  more of your full-bodied woman kinda girl.

She’s probably just a little bit chunky .. but what a lovely ass she had!

It was mesmerising,  rolling to one side and the other as she took each step.

I was 80 yards behind but it caught my attention and now I’m walking behind her with her ass directly in my eyeline,  a most enjoyable sight as I drew closer,   finally arriving at the station only 10 feet behiond her.

But what was it about her ass that made it so wonderful to watch?

Let me tell you,  because I’ve had time to appreciate this ..  its not just her ass,  but its her waist .. that ratio of hip to waist that guys love even though they don’t appreciate that.

Apparently according to Professor Lord Robert Winston,  the inventor of IVF treatment in his studies on human behaviour,  the perfect hip-to-waist ratio is 71% and women who have this curvature always have male attention.

The attraction is because men fundementally perceive that ratio as healthy and as my old auntie would say .. she has good child-bearing hips!

Or maybe us guys just recognise that we like something to hold on to?

Hips .. curves .. who wants a skinny up-and-down girlfriend?

The woman disappeared somewhere up the other end of the platform not to be seen again.

However 10 minutes later,  arriving at Argyll Street,  I had just exited the station and even amongst the crowd of commuters heading to their offices, 50 yards ahead,  I spotted the undulating curves of a round-bottomed  blonde pony-tail as she headed towards Queen Street.

Certainly made my daily commute a lot easier!

Anyway,  the point being .. don’t get hung up on the size of your butt girls .. us guys love  a bit of meat on the bone.

Thank feck its Friday and the sun is shining in Gods Own Country.


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