I Just Called To Say I Love You?

I’m a big Stevie Wonder fan .. If tunes like Superstition,  I Wish,  Sir Duke,  Living For The City etc don’t make you want to dance thee is something wrong with you.

I particularly love I Wish, its a different more upbeat slant on the song Dance With My Father .. which I also love.    Stevie sings of his mum keeping him right,  greeting him at the back-door to tell him the difference between wrong and right and for me it brings back memories when I used to hang about with those “hoodlum friends of mine”.

I was listening to all of these songs while getting ready for work and on my train journey this morning.

I work in a busy open-plan office,   having headphones on helps block out the background noise of other peoples conversations and helps you focus on the task at hand .. even if your head is bopping along to the music.

It’s the pulse .. it flows in us .. music is always playing in my head.

Better that than hearing voices!  🙂

When the pulse stops,  the dance is over and we die .. thats it.

So I’m sitting there listening to Steve Wright on Radio 2 .. and someone is picking the music of their lifetime .. a bit of Stevie coming up fantastic!

But then .. of all the choices they choose .. I Just Called To Say I Love You.

Now I don’t know about you,  but it has to be one of the worst pop songs ever,  sickly scmaltzy and almost gives me the boke.

Now compare that with the song As from his album Songs in The Key Of Life.

Now theres a tune and a lyric which conveys the emotion of being in love without the need for a sick-bag.

I even love the version by George Michael and Mary J Blige,  noted for its video which was avant-garde in its use of computer controlled cameras and overlaid video.

Until the rainbow burns the starts out of the sky
Until the ocean covers every mountain high



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