Out Of Europe?


Tonight Celtic play a home tie against Lincoln Red Imps of Gibraltar and are already trailing by a 1-0 defeat in the first leg.

If Celtic fail to overcome the “minnows”,  thats it,  game over,  no parachute into the Europa League.and the end of the Europe Adventure for another year.

Pretty degrading for former winners of the European Cup?

Not really .. thats the reality of how far we have declined.

Who is to blame for that decline?

Oh don’t get me started but it cetainly isn’t Brendan Rodgers,  he is just the latest sucker who was left holding this particular dysfunctional baby.

Tonight,  I have no doubt that we will beat The Imps .. But I said that last week and look what happened!

So please Brendan tell Efe Ambrose just to watch the game on his large tv in the comfort of his home.

But even if we do overcome the Imps,   there are still another 2 rounds before reaching the Champions League Group Stages proper with stronger opposition at each stage.

Therefore the chances of getting to the Group stages are 50% at best and it won’t happen without new signings and a clear-out from the dressing room.

So please .. be brutal .. but get it done.

Realistically .. the best we can hope for is entry to the Group Stages,  the possibility of a few glamour teams visiting Celtic Park and a couple of trips abroad to Paris, Milan, Barcelona or the like.

If we get really lucky then occasionally we qualify for the knock-out stages,  only to be well gubbed by one of the teams with money to burn and 5 players warming the bench who cost more than the full Celtic team.

We already know this journey is going to end in failure,  its just a matter of WHEN not IF but hopefully getting some good results along the way and restoring some pride in the club.

Mnn The Hoops!

Oh yeah regarding that other European exit .. gonnae just get on with it!

Nicola .. shut the fuck up .. and get back to running your wee diddy-parliement

Europe isn’t interested in you and you have no mandate as its a UK issue.



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