The Rodgers Revolution? #CelticFC




Well how embarrassing was that result?

Yesterdays blog was regarding the first competitive match for Brendan Rodgers management of Celtic against  Lincoln Red Imps in the second qualifying round of the UEFA Champions League.

It was a warning not to underestimate Lincoln Red Imps and to treat them with the same respect as any more opponent.

It was also a reality check that I expected Celtic to have far too much power for the relative “minnows” and to win comfortably scoring 3 goals,   but with our defence I fully expected the Imps to score at some point.

That was yesterday!

Who would have thought that the Rodgers Revolution would come to such a faltering and hopeless start,  getting beat by a solitary goal.

But it was the nature of the defeat which has given me cause for concern.

Griffiths was played out of position to accommodate Dembele,  Brown is not fit,   a floundering mid-field performance by Bitton .. and then there is Efe Ambrose.

“There’s only one F’in Efe” .. used to be the humorous cry at Celtic Park.

It had already gone beyond a joke last season,   so to see him with a jersey at the start of the game was a cause of unease as I settled down to watch the game.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one with the dread that Efe would fuck up at some point.

And fuck up he did,  out of position,  misread the flight of the ball and not enough strength to outpower a much smaller opponent who then schlaffed the ball into the net.

It still counts.

What is particularly disappointing is ..

1 – Celtic did not react, up their game and create more chances
2 – Celtic did not score once from the chances we had.
3 – The management even had Efe on the park .. have they not seen him?

If playing Ambrose last night was to put him in the shop-window and hopefully draw bids from other clubs,  then it failed miserably.

Rodgers looked as lost as his predecessor Delia when the game wasn’t going to plan and there was no PlanB.

I’m certain that Celtic will get through on the return leg at Celtic Park next week.

I’d even take bets on it .. but the jury is out on Rodgers already.

There has to be a clear-out from this team of no-hopers and I only hope that Dermot Desmond who brought Rodgers to the club backs him with a decent player budget because with this lot we are going nowhere.



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