Back In Europe?



Back in Europe, not that we ever really left.

I can’t actually remember the last time that Celtic did not feature in some European championship or other .. probably the dark days of the early 90s before Fergus came to town?

Tonight Celtic play Gibraltar’s Lincoln Red Imps in what many are saying is a formality, writing the Imps off as “Minnows”

They may only have a 5000 seater stadium, Victoria, which they share with all other Gibraltar teams .. well it it is a small province.

But is that any reason to write them off?

In my experience pride comes before a fall, writing teams off is arrogant and leads to half hearted performances, so should never happen and I’m certain that Brendan Rodgers will have the team fired up for his first competitive game in charge of the club.

But in reality .. lets not mess about .. if Celtic don’t give this team a beating then they don’t deserve to be there.

3-0 to the Hoops as a minimum .. although with no new defenders brought in, I can’t help but suspect that the Imps will score.



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