#Celtic – Keeping the Customers Satisfied?


So Celtic have pulled out the stops to land ex-Liverpool and Watford manager as the new man in charge at Celtic Park.

Bit of a coup really ,  if you believe ( as I do ) that he would have had options within the English Premier League.

On Monday night for his offical unveiling,  13.000 fans turned up at Celtic Park to give him a welcome to Paradise.

13,000 on a Monday night,  not even a game on!

Call me cynical,   but don’t you have anything better to do?

Personally,  I’ve no doubts that Brendan will lead the way in Scottish Football,  I’m sure that he has negotaiated a deal that includes a “warchest” for new players.

I am absolutely certain that the combination of his appointment,  a couple of glamour signings and the prospect of facing newco-Rangers will have the “faithful” flocking back to Paradise in droves.

It all makes good sense from a business point of view.

But where were all these fickle “faithful” in the past few years when the stadium was half empty?

Theres clearly a difference between being an old-school green-dyed in the wool Tim and a new-school it-depends-on-the-product-on-the-pitch customer.

I’m a Tim,  thats Celtic supporter,  it has no religious connatiation.

I’ve supported the team since I can remember and have been a season book holder for the past 20 odd years and took my son along since before he started school.

Last week,  as expressed in my previous post,  I was pissed off because the club have not stood up against the SFA and made a public statement on the cheating of oldco-Rangers or the licence wrongly granted for them to play in lucrative UEFA competitions.

That sucks,  it’s cowardly, it’s unbecoming of what Celtic stand for.  ( to me at least )

My old granny ( think Mrs Browns Boys ) would have stood up and kicked your arse if you had messed with any of her boys .. My aunt Rose,  Glasgow City Councillor would stand up and be counted on any aspect of Womans Rights.   My old dad stood up to the management as Shop Steward in Rolls Royce.

We stand up,  we make our point,  firmly and clearly,  even if we fail.

This Celtic board haven’t.

The have failed me and what I believe the club stands for.

So Brendan’s appointment apparently sanctioned by main share-holder Dermot Desmond has caused me a bit of an internal dilemma.

My son is already coercing me to renew the season books which have a renewal deadline of tomorrow apparently.

They are on automatic anyway .. but he doesn’t know that.

He listened to my point on the above,  told me that he understands my feelings,  but he still wants to go with me …and I want to go with him.

Funny enough,  my hnt that it was time he started paying for his own season book fell on deaf ears.

But it goes right against my principles to support a board who I feel have sold us short and have not stood up for the Celtic Support when it mattered.

If you don’t have principles what do you have?

Seems to me that customers come first, bums on seats,  annual turn-over.

That would make us no better than some fake Irish bar in the arse end of Prague.

I don’t think we have sunk that low,  but I’m not feeling the love.

Maybe I should put up and shut up,  like everybody else and think myself lucky that we have some possibility of European football and a couple of games against the newco to mock their afflictions.

But thats selling ourselves short in my opinion.

Oh yeah,  apparently there was a game of football in Glasgow last week that has caused a bit of a stushie?

I dunno,  missed it completely as I was working at the time,  new system all live and working well,  bank happy,  consultancy happy,  maybe I should ask for more cash to pay for the season books?  🙂










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