Game Of Thrones – Brothers, Sisters, Lovers?

Don’t know about you,  but I’m loving this new series of Game Of Thrones. 

Last night Jon was reunited with his sister Sansa at The Wall,  then threatened by Ramsay Bolton to hand her back to his evil control. 

In the Iron Islands,  Theon who helped Sansa escape from Ramsay is reunited with his sister Yara. 

Yara,  not the shrinking violet reminds Theon that she has already been sent his private parts by Ramsay when he tortured and broke Theon. 

At Kings Lamding that incestous brother and sister Cercei and Jaime Lannister are courting the Tyrell’s assistance for their revenge against the High Sparrow. 

The Tyrells are initially hostile to this approach but share a common loathing for the Sparrow religious sect who are currently holding the queen Margaery Tyrell wife of King Tommen Lannister. 

Meanwhile in the captivity of the High Sparrow,  Margaery is reunited with her brother Loras in his cell,  offering him hope when all seems lost. 

In another part of the world,  Daenerys is captured by the Dothraki,  held within the Temple of Dosh Kaleen,  the home of the widows of the Khals( Dothraki Kings) until her fate is decided. 

She is reunited with lover Daario and longtime advisor Loras who clearly has a lot of affection for her. 

Does Loras want to be her lover or does he love her as a father truly loves his daughter and wants nothing but the best for her? 

Last nights ending was fantastic,  Daenerys looking vulnerable, helpless yet determined in the face of her enemy. 

It was only going to go one way. 

Loved it. 

On a personal note,  have you ever met anyone named Ramsay that you like?

I’ve met two people called Ramsay in real life,  not as bad as the fictional one above,  but both arrogant self serving little pricks that if I wasn’t so civilised I’d liked to have kicked square in the balls. 

I’m looking forward to the fictional Ramsay getting his comeuppance.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was Theon who gets his revenge? 

Take my advice and never trust anyone called Ramsay. 

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