The Doors Alive?

He struts acros the stage,  posing arrogantly,  sneering then staring at the audience,  provocatively inviting them to challenge his machismo.

No-one does.

At times,  he almost whispers then roars or screams through their reportoire of classic Doors anthems,  Riders On The Storm,  Break On Through To The Other Side,  Hello I Love You.

He looks like Jim Morrison,  if thats possible,  tall,  slim,  great cheekbones and those wild flowing locks,  bedecked in black leather jeans and cheese-cloth shirt.

The man has a presence,  raw sexuality on a stage,  that I can’t honestly say that I’ve seen with any other band .. and I go to see a lot of bands

The women seems to love his strutting and I’m jealous, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For the instrumental section of Light My Fire,  he goes off stage,  having the good grace to let the band take the credit.   The whirling organ and hynotic bass are still playing around in my head today,  much better than the bland covers by the likes of Sinatra.

The band are just as authentic,  the keyboard player even looks like Ray Manzerak and just as virtuoso on his hammond organ.   As a long term piano player,  I particularly appreciate his artistry.

My mate Ian is just as enthusiastic about the guitarist abbilities.

The band roll out all the classic and a few album tracks that I’m sure I must own including Spanish Caravan that I had forgotten.  What an an atmosphere and the enthusiastic crowd weren’t slow to show their appreciation.

I first saw The Doors Alive at the O2 Academy in Glasgow about 10 years ago,  somehow they haven’t changed,  they’ve got better and seem younger .. can’t figure why!

If you’re in Edinburgh tonight,  go see them,  I guarantee a treat.




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