Work Stories – Perspective?

It’s 530pm on Friday night, I’m sitting at my desk in the offices of the bank that I’m currently working as a consultant. 

I’ve been bought in because the project I’m working on is already a year late and 5 million over budget. 

Having worked on many projects at various banks, its just typical really.   

Management who think they know but don’t.  

They rely on undereducated wannabes who talk a good game but can’t really cut the mustard when it comes right down to making it work. 

I’ve been here two months, brought in at the last minute to sort it out. 

I’m putting together a Plan B as Plan A didn’t work and have been working my wee socks off, extra hours and even worked last Sunday. 

We are getting there, but there are still data migration and reporting issues. 

These need to be fixed asap so that the new system can go live as there are regulatory changes within the new system which haven’t been implemented in the old, because it was meant to be live by now. 

But at 530pm, I pull the headlines off,  look up and around and I’m the only one left, none of the staff, not one of the management who are telling us how critical this project is. 

So I fuck off home. 

The sun is shining in Glasgow and I’d  much rather be on a beach. 

Life’s been good so far … 


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