Train Stories – Battles?


So .. I’m on my usual 1707 from Argyll street to Cambuslang.  

A ten minute journey and the trains packed. 

There’s one seat left, rear facing and I grab it. But as I do, I notice the guy sitting in the adjacent seat is playing the territory game.  

He’s not the tallest guy but he’s broad. His shoulders take up the full seat, but it’s his elbow and knee position that are positioned to prevent anyone sitting in the seat next to him. 

His legs are wide and his elbows are out, infringing on the space of the adjacent seat .. ie mine. 

Now convention, manners, common courtesy dictate that you at least try to accommodate your fellow passenger, making some effort to pull your legs in, at least letting your them take the space that’s theirs. 

But not this guy!

Not even when I caught his eye as I sat down and said excuse me, that seemed to make him all the more determined to stand his ground.  

So I’ve sat down and typed this, ignoring him completely. 

Well as completely as you can with an elbow protruding towards your chest!  

My elbow is on top of his protecting myself. I’m sure he can feel the pressure as much as I can.  

A battle of wills ensues in a silent war of attrition. 

I love it. 

Now he is using the wall of the carriage to push against me.  

I’m not really pushing against him just making a point of sitting within my space. 

I’m still typing, headphones on, head slightly nodding with the music, a smile on my face. 

But its fake, purely for show, the look of I’m not bothered, I haven’t noticed you pushing me .. Honest!

But I’m ready to go to battle ..  

Or I would be if I was that bothered about it, I’m just enjoying the battle of wills. 

This guy is a dick, all he had to do was pull his knees and elbows in and avoid any conflict. 

It’s my stop in a few minutes ..

I wonder if the guy will get off at the same stop. 

If a more physical battle will ensue?

Will I leave without saying a word?

Maybe give him a knowing smile?

Or should I accidentally on purpose stand on his toes then apologise profusely?

Just home from work,  as I open the door,  the talking heads are blasting.  

My daughter making dinner,  a cup of tea ready for me.  

I wonder what she wants?  🙂

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