Kissing Like Strangers? … #poetry


Lets just kiss like strangers
Like we used to once before
When we were young and nervous
And I walked you to your door

Lets just kiss like strangers
And smile each time we meet
I’ll hold your hand and open doors
When we are walking down the street

I used to bring you flowers
And I used to drive you home
Then in my dreams I’d kiss you
Although I was sleeping all alone

You used to make me dinner
And you used to pour my beer
But it seems like something’s changed
And I’m losing you I fear

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Blind-sided – Part 3

Ellen Barkin

Five minutes later she joins me back standing at the bar with Alex, we’ve exchanged names and possibly bodily fluids.

Passionate kisses with a stranger in the middle of a dance floor ..


Or are you jealous?

Maybe you’ve been there yourself?

Maybe you were much younger?

Is age a viable excuse?

At 40+ years of age I’d go with tasteless.

I can’t even blame the beer as I was sober at the time, but what else can you do when a good looking gal wants to suck your face off at some hour after midnight?

Say no?

Run away?

It’s not going to happen is it?

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Work Stories – Grafters?

I’m working at the headquarters of a bank in Glasgow, I’m a consultant and only here on a temporary basis until their new system is up and running then I’ll go somewhere else.

As you may have read on my previous blog, its already late and over-budget .. am I bothered?! 🙂 

No, my job is to sort it out, plain and simple then I move on. 

Anyway, I’m sitting on a floor of a few hundred people, largely women working in their complaints handling department,. 

Every day there are desks full of cakes, chocolates and other goodies. 

Every day the break-out area is full of these women eating curries and pizza, there’s not a lot of salads or soups on display. 

The vast majority with rare exception are badly overweight, too much carbs, too little exercise. 

There’s one exception …

She’s small, wiry and .. before you think I’m describing some babe .. she’s the cleaner. 

She’s about 60 years old and on the go all day long, cleaning floors, desks, toilets. 

They say that to keep healthy, you should keep moving .. looking at the evidence there’s definitely truth in that. 

Work Stories – The Subtle Truth?

Sitting here at my desk in the headquarters of a bank in Glasgow, I’ve been here a month, brought in as a consultant to sort out a system that was meant to be delivered in summer last year, its still nowhere near yet, but I have a Plan B.

Without boring you with all the details, they are replacing one of their main banking systems, upgrading the version of the software, migrating the data across and changing the reporting technology form Excel and Access to Business Objects.

Business objects is a reporting tool that creates a “semantic layer” between the end users who generate the reports and the complex transactional database.

It’s supposed to make things simple, unfortunately in my experience thats hardly ever the case because the BO developer don’t make any effort to understand the business or spend time with the business users.

The current issues are that the the customisation of the new system and the migration of the old data is taking longer than required, the business objects universe provided is not fit for reporting purposes and the “super-user” team within the business who were then left to create the reports.have an impossible task.

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Eight From The Eighties – Day 3

Day 3 of my 8 songs from the 80s as nominated by Alan.

In 1984, I was a daft boy ( what’s changed??!! 🙂 ) working in the shipyards in Govan, Glasgow. 

But there was no work.

So they transferred a few hundred workers of various trades to work at Swan Hunters shipyard in Newcastle.    

I spent the whole of 84 working in Newcastle on the Ark Royal aircraft carrier and a replacement for the Atlantic Conveyor container ship which had been requisitioned by the government to carry troops and equipment to the Falklands war where it was destroyed by two Exocet missiles 

We were all put up in cheap hotels and B&Bs in Whitley Bay, out of season and freezing cold with the winds coming off the North Sea. 

There were wild times on the weekends we stayed down, the bars in the hotels were open all night for us residents and some guys made full use of it. Some went over the top by distracting the night porter so that others could raid the bar.

The place I stayed in had a couple of bars and this song was popular then, the bar full of people singing its anthemic chorus, but nobody really knew who Nelson Mandela was. 

I believe in his quote in the image above that education changes the world both globally and personally.  

Education freed him,  education freed me from shipbuilding and a cycle of boom and burst and living just above poverty. 

I think this song is the proof that music raises public awareness and that changes the world. 

Just as well it was a catchy tune or Nelson might have stayed locked up! 🙂