Easter Parade?

A line of traffic comes to a standstill
For the love came out in the morning air
I find the place I started from
The wind is calling
This time I’ll follow
Easter Parade?

I know you 
Birthday cards and silent music
Paperbacks and Sunday clothes. 

Easter Parade – The Blue Nile

I first heard that song in the mid 80s,  I bought the album off the back of their fantastic uplifting danceable single Tinseltown Is In The Rain and immediately felt cheated as I found the album pretentious. 

But Easter Parade is still a fantastically haunting song,  it’s off key piano melody and the desperation of the vocal grates in a sad poignant way. 

I heard it this morning for the first time in years,  Apple Music playing in random and it’s still as haunting now as 30 years ago. 

Somehow it struck a chord. 

Been a strange week,  a family funeral and my birthday,  a strange combination of being pleased to see everyone even although the circumstances weren’t the best. 

I’m sure you’ve been there. 

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