Blind-Sided – 5 – Coffee?

Ellen Barkin
It’s late-o-clock and the clock strikes three.

You’re standing in the kitchen of a strange girls home, not that she’s particularly strange … it’s just that you only met a few hours before.

She’s making tea, even although it was “coffee” that she offered in the car a few minutes earlier.

You’re standing watching her move around the kitchen, pulling out cups and getting the milk from the fridge.

You’re vaguely aware that the sun is starting to rise as you can see a faint yellow glimmer on the slither of horizon visible from her window.

You’re both playing the game of will-she-won’t-she ..

When you know full well that she will.

She didn’t let you come this far so soon to just offer you coffee.


A euphemism for what?

Does it mean more, or is that a presumption on your part?


Yes please, why would you refuse?

It’s not as if you have anyone sitting waiting on you at home.

She stirs the cups and turns to look at you, leaning back against the work-top, six-feet from where you lean against the table opposite.

“What are you smiling at?”

She asks, as if the answer isn’t obvious.

But is it the offer of “coffee” .. or is it the possible sex .. or is it the game of catch her if you can .. that is making you smile?

Even although it was her that caught you?


“Why … ?”

“Just because … because I’m not used to girls picking me up or heading back to their place within hours of meeting them, I can’t say its ever happened before”

And the slightest twinge of guilt passes through your heart, because you know have, even if it wasn’t that often.

But what’s the point in being totally honest?

It’s not as if you’re falling in love, getting married or might even see each other again.

She chose this, you’re only going along for the ride obvious pun intended.

You don’t really think that she want’s sex, she’s just lonely, newly separated, still hurting and wanting someone to talk to, someone she can tell all her woes, an anonymous sounding board who will listen and nod and tell her how terrible it is and that she was right to throw him out.

If it was purely sex, you’d have been all over each other in the car and the moment that you came in through the door, instead of standing here playing the coffee game.

She steps closer to you, you meet her half-way over and you kiss, heads going to the same side in that awkward fashion that new lovers do until you get your game together and pick a side with unspoken agreement.

Her kisses are full-on passionate, hungry, but surprisingly gentle.

You go with the flow, letting her lead .. for now.

The new James album out today The Girl At The End Of The World.    Gave it a first listen,  a flick through the tracks.

I’m a big fan,  but on first play I’m not as impressed as I was with their previous album La Petite Mort

Maybe I’m just old school,  love this from TITP 2014,  I’m there at the front when Tim comes down to the crowd.


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