The harsh or soft truth?

My brother Duncan is the straightest guy I know, hard-working, reliable, a good family man, and all-round good guy.

He’s the closest of my 4 brothers, Duncan is 18 months younger than me, we grew up together, played football together, fought together. 

My dad taught us that if you fight one then you fight us all and if one of us comes in with a bloody nose then the other one better have got involved too.

When some bigger guy bullied him at school, I walked up and punched the guy straight in the face, no argument, none of that pre-fight pushing and shoving , , just straight up and bang … put the guy on the deck and he didn’t get up. 

Last night out of the blue, Duncan got in contact to take me out for my birthday in a few weeks. 

It was good to hear from him as always and I haven’t seen him since the start of the year so it will be good to go out for dinner and a few drinks. 

Here’s the thing about Duncan .. he doesn’t tell lies .. he is very proud of that, it’s part of his personal code. 

He will tell you the truth, straight up, harsh as it is, no softening to make it easy. 

His attitude is that .. I tell the truth and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem. 

Personally I think he’s often too direct and that’s coming from me, known for my directness! 

I’ve learned over the years that telling someone the harsh truth causes resentment and sometimes its better to be diplomatic and break it gently when the circumstances necessitate. 

The thing with telling people the truth is that you are often telling them what they already know, they don’t need it thrown in their faces.   

They will often react badly because you’ve highlighted an issue, were they have been in denial, fooling themselves, but you’ve burst that bubble. 

Me and my bro .. so alike, so different. 

No reason for sharing this apart from thinking about my brother, I’m very blessed to have a big close family, even if we don’t see each other that often there’s a bond that will never break. 

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