Kissing Like Strangers? … #poetry


Lets just kiss like strangers
Like we used to once before
When we were young and nervous
And I walked you to your door

Lets just kiss like strangers
And smile each time we meet
I’ll hold your hand and open doors
When we are walking down the street

I used to bring you flowers
And I used to drive you home
Then in my dreams I’d kiss you
Although I was sleeping all alone

You used to make me dinner
And you used to pour my beer
But it seems like something’s changed
And I’m losing you I fear

There’s a distance in your kisses
And no sparkle when you smile
And I wondered what has happened
Since I walked you down the aisle

Now I’m looking after the children
While you go dancing with your friends
And you are dressing for attention
Is that how this story ends?

Please tell me how to mend
my messed up broken life
Because I’m tired of all the fighting
and this isn’t working anymore

Should I dress for your affection
And join you on the floor
Then kiss you like a stranger
Like I used to once before?

Wrote this at work,  no reason for it.  No dark thoughts.

Just the opening line came into my head while making tea and the rest just followed.


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