Eight From The Eighties – Day 2

Day 2 of my 8 songs from the 80s. Thanks Alan.

Although technically not an 80s song as it was first released in 1977 on the Talking Heads 77 album, it did nothing at the time and only became part of public consciousness in 1984 as part of the bands Stop Making Sense tour. 

That full album is fantastic and I have the video in a few different formats. 

Even now those first few beats of the bass drum and guitar strum are unforgettable and make me want to dance. 

Back in 1984, this was a regular at the swavvey Savvy in Glasgow and that and Slippery People had the crowd jumping.

I was a young engineer working in Newcasrle for most of 84,  12 hour night shifts building the new Ark Royal aircraft carrier in Swan Hunters shipyard. 

We worked 10 days straight and home for 4,  the weekends home were catching up with sleep on the Friday and dancing on the  Saturday. 

Happy Days!

I’ve seen David Byrne in concert a few times since then,  he often tours with the projects he works on with lesser known groups such as St Vincent. 

But who really wants to hear that when he has such classics as this?

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