The Consultancy Game ..

“That’s the thing about luck,  it always balances out in the end”

A while ago I posted a story on here about my ex boss not liking me,  typical IT geek, a bright guy but as pretentious as they come, loves having his posse of sycophants.

I wasn’t one of them.

In this previous story,  to my surprise my contract with the consultancy firm who had me farmed out to one of the UKs biggest banks was renewed when I fully expected it to elapse after it had ran its course.

Then just to surprise me further .. a month later while I was on holiday it was cancelled and I worked my notice period as contractually obliged.

A bit disappointing but life moves on.

Since then I’ve been working with a different consultancy firm who are currently farming me out to a different bank.

That’s the way the consultancy game often works,  sales guys touting for business are sharks,  often buying the favour of the hiring manager .. it would be naïve to think that it doesn’t happen,  not as overtly as it used to but its still there.

Then technical guys like me come along and do the work,  we earn pretty well, but the consultancy takes its cut for providing .. err .. what?

The difference between direct contractors and the consultancy supplied contractors or staff is significant,  on a contract that I’m working,   that difference can be a bog-standard rate of 750per day for junior staff who would be lucky to find a direct contract at 300 per day.

The consultancy game is about bums-on-seats and making the margin between what you charge the client and how much you pay the ndividual staff or contractor.  

Consequently it is in the interest of the consultancy to have a few senior contractors working on a project,  then fill the rest of the seats available ( and as many as possible ) with less experienced staff who are working at less than a third of the rate that the consultancy charges for them.

In the contract I mention above, this was the name of the game.

As a straight character,  I found it disdainful that said consultancy were charging top-dollar for staff who did not have the experience to complete the necessary tasks and who were basically receiving on-the-job training that the client bank was paying for.

Is it any surprise that the vast majority of IT projects go over budget and take longer than expected to deliver if delivered at all?

I find this disdainful for a whole host of reasons as this particular bank was bailed out by public money and is still largely owned by the UK public .


Not at all .. I despise it …  But I don’t care .. its not my money and if some idiots want to pay what they pay for monkeys then that’s their business.

I have a family to feed,  holidays to book, a life to live.

The financial services game is a house of cards of over-inflated salaries,  full of no-hopers,  well-paid guys pushing documents around, going to meetings and having high level conversations about stuff they don’t really know about or can control.

Personally,  I’m just taking the money while I can .. I honestly believe that this full system lead by the banks and funded by the UK public will crash again .. it has to,  there is still too much bullshit in the system and not enough reality.

These people didn’t suffer in the crash,  the mainly retained their jobs and bonuses,  now they are back with projects and hiring consultancy who are there to con as much money from them as possible.

Anyway .. as lady luck seems to enjoy a good laugh  … the other day I was asked by new consultancy firm to pay a visit to discuss some possible work with the bank that I was formerly working with in Edinburgh.

The meeting went well,  discussed the project requirements and if it was technically do-able,  amount of work it would take, level of staff,  time-frames etc.    Then left the bosses to agree budgets and decide whether it was a go or no.

While I was there I met lots of people I know and went to the staff restaurant at lunch time for a catch-up.

As I walked past some tables,  there were the guys from my old team,  including my former boss.  I stopped to say hello,  a big smile on my face and exchanged small-talk with a few of the boys.

The boss-guy couldn’t help but ask what project I was working on,  I could tell that he was desperate to know .. unfortunately for him .. I wasn’t at liberty to say!

Today I was told that “we” have won the work and that the other consultancy was the only other competitor.

Did I have a big smile on my face .. I sure did.

Revenge?   Not at all .. I’m not interested in that kind of bollocks and its only a piece of work .. not real life .. so don’t be so petty.

But I will confess to having a wee glow inside and might even tap a few of the boys up to do the actual work!

It’s all part of the game!

Last night I enjoyed watching Lucky Man the new cop drama written by Stan Lee and starring James Nesbitt   .. as someone says to him ..

“That’s the thing about luck,  it always balances out in the end”



5 thoughts on “The Consultancy Game ..

    1. Certainly put a smile on my face.

      One of his cohorts has been in touch asking what I’m up to, where I’m working etc.

      Just ignored it as their interest is self serving.

      Hope all well with you.

      1. Sorry to hear that Kat, did you see my reply to your blog award nominations.

        A former colleague of mine is going through a trauma as your own and blogging her experience for others.

        I think it’s very brave of you both.

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