Thoughts on a lost love ..  

I was dreaming about her
Telling her how much I love her
Holding her face close to mine
Promising I’d never let her go

I was dreaming about the times we’ve shared
Those moments that last forever
My head between her thighs
Showing her how much I care

I was dreaming but then
I woke up alone
Missing her
Wanting her
Aching for her
Wishing she was here beside me

Awake and alone in the darkness
Thinking about her
Wondering where she is
What else I could have done
How stupid can one man be?

Then closing those thoughts
Knowing that dwelling doesn’t help
It just prolongs the pain
The pain that only I feel
And she doesn’t want to know


Then the phone rang ..

It was Sarah from
She’s always calling
About the car accident
That I’ve never had

Maybe she just wants to talk
Maybe she gets lonely in the dark
Then I looked at my watch
Shit I’ve slept in! 🙂



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