Man and Boy?

HappinessYesterday,  I spent the afternoon with my son,  a couple of hours watching football,  chatting about life,  his job, his next job,  his girlfriend that he’s obviously keen on because he actually talks about her.

We hug when we see each other or when we part.  He makes me proud as my girls do,  there’s just something strong between us, a love and a bond that transcends anything else.

Today,  I called my dad,  he’s nearly 81, getting frail and since he had the stroke around 10 years ago he’s semi paralysed on his left side.

But he has a very determined personality,  life’s for living and nothing gets him down,  apart from the odd moments when he misses my mum. I’m sure he has more of these in private than he lets on.  

Sunday is his day of rest,  he’s out most days of the week,   Sunday he likes to watch tv and relax.  I usually pop over to see him,  make sure he’s okay.

So when I called him earlier to say that I was heading over and he didn’t answer I started to panic a little,  until I called his mobile and he was in his bowling club.

What a guy.  He has a much better social life than I have.

So I arranged to pick him up and take him for fish and chips on the way home.

When I got to the club, he’d had a few more drinks and he was more than a little wobbly on his feet,  particularly as his bad leg doesn’t react well to alcohol.

it wouldn’t be the first time that he came home with a few drinks and toppled over the fence on his left side since his neighbours cut down the hedge

The hedge was more forgiving and he could bounce off it back on to his feet again … Inconsiderate bastards! 🙂

When we got back to his,  I helped him up the driveway, gave him his dinner and made him a cup of tea.

We sat and chatted .. Or to be fair,  he spoke and I listened apart from the odd “is that right?” response as he told me the same old stories I’ve heard a million times.

What can you do?   You can’t really say that you’ve heard that to everything they tell you.

You know what my dad doesn’t do?

He never asks how we are,  how the kids are?  How’s work?  What have you been up to?  Etc

It used to piss me off,  but I’ve accepted it,  it’s where he is in life, most of it is behind him and I need to cherish him when he’s here.

Then almost as if he read my mind and had a moment of clarity,  he said  ..

“You know son,  I know most of my life is behind me,  that’s it’s more or less finished for me,  I’ve no regrets,  I’ve had a good life,   I’m very proud of you and your brothers and I want you to get on with yours”

My wee dad,  brought up poor without a mum and a dad in the army,  stole to eat, was smartest in his class but got kicked out of school because he was a bad boy.

His mission in life was to give his sons a better start in life than he had, the rest was up to us,  but how could we fail his wisdom and determination behind us.

My wee dad is the smartest guy I know and  I’m proud he’s my dad and I’ll tell you this,  I dread the day that he’s gone.

Cherish yours while they are here.


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