Work Stories – Seasonally Affected?

When are they going to make Seasonally Affected Disorder an official disability?

It’s cold dark and horrible out there and I can barely get up never mind pretend that I want to go work.

I’m sure that I’m not alone!

Getting up and ready, figuring out what to wear, ironing a shirt at the last minute,  trudging down to the train station then standing packed in like cattle to the slaughterhouse.

It’s just not right forcing people to get up before its light then home when it’s dark.

Particularly when their bodies are screaming Noooooo!!!

I want some sunshine!!

At least the sun is coming up over Glasgow and I can see it from the window of my padded cell!

Two pics above.. Glasgow and Canada taken this morning.   Glasgow cold but bright,   Canada colder at -10 and snow all around.

Could be worse eh?




2 thoughts on “Work Stories – Seasonally Affected?

    1. Thanks Scarlet, it just drains me this time of year .. having a healthy distain of work in the first place probably doesn’t help … I’d much rather be on a beach! 🙂

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