When Jerry met Rupert … #Dating

Rupert and Jerry

Rupert and Jerry


“Hey Jerry,  meet Rupert … ”

She looks to her left and is looking over the top of this small bald bespectacled older man.  She smiles politely,  aware that she is gazing down and not up into his eyes.

A small but not insignificant point,   one of the most muted requirements made by females on dating sites is that they are looking for a man taller than they are and particularly if they like wearing heels.

What happened next?

Cordial greetings, introductions, banalities and small-talk?

Of course.

But what about first impressions,  that fraction of a second when you meet someone for the first time and decide if they are attractive or not?

Would you?   ( Yes or No?  )

( or in Glaswegian ..  Wid ye?  )

We all do it,  it’s a built in assessment that we make in our medial pre-frontal cortex, a brain region now discovered to play a major role in romantic decision-making.

For Rupert (84),  gazing at Jerry (59),  looking stunning in whatever slinky cocktail dress she was wearing at this high-brow event it was an easy answer.

She’s 25 years younger,  a tall leggy blonde,  ex-world class model and just a whole lot more attractive,  his assessment would be an emphatic YES!

She’s the kind of gal,  that most guys would dream about,   significantly younger,  attractive and financially independent.


What about Jerry’s point of view?

She looked into his eyes and shook his hands,  perhaps let him kiss her on the cheek .. while he stood on tippy-toes obviously.

Then she made her assessment in 2 nano-seconds .. NO!

I mean .. Would you?

If that had been a first date between strangers,  then I’d be willing to bet that there wouldn’t be a second one!

He’d probably get a text thanking him for a lovely night out and that she really likes him but there wasn’t a spark/chemistry or whatever bullshit people use to say they didn’t fancy you!


So what was the attraction?

Let’s nip something at the bud .. it is not about the money.

Okay .. its not all about the money!

Jerry is independently wealthy with an estimated worth of $15m dollars,   she doesn’t need Rupert to give her a lifestyle.


For guys,  being more visually stimulated,  a younger woman is generally more attractive.

Attraction goes a long way,  but there are other factors that decide if he / she is a keeper or not,  personality,  sense of humour,  attitude to life,  you don’t get that info on first sight,

Obviously that’s not the case in this relationship as both of them are public figures and would have at least a casual awareness of each other and what they do and could Google the rest later.

Jerry would have known all about Ruperts wealth and dismissed it,  she was already moving in wealthy circles with I expect a whole load of wannabe suitors.  game players, guys of similar age who were already looking for other younger women.

Rupert didn’t get to be the head of an international media corporation without being intelligent, charming and sociable .. add in single-minded and ruthless if you wish.

He’s 4 times married to a bevy of beauties,  the guy has all the skills necessary to strike a romance with a beautiful woman.

Personally,  ( and thankfully) I’ve found that woman are more forgiving in the attraction game,   they will tolerate physical faults more than a guy would .. including me .. may I shamefully add.

But there has to be something to offer on both sides,  attraction vs loyalty perhaps?

Younger women tend to prefer the good-looking bad boy.   Older women .. say over 40 , are more likely to go for a steady-eddy than a charmer.

The reasons for this.  perhaps aware of their own failings they are more prepared to forgive someone else’s,  less likely to base a relationship on looks alone and look at the overall package.

I still think the gulf is extreme even if Rupert is charming,  kind, generous and the nicest guy on the planet.

But good luck to them,  I say,  If they are happy together and at their stage in life isn’t that all that matters?

So who are you or I to judge?


More info on the brain and attraction ..


Jerry Hall at her gorgeous best ..



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