Bowie Perspective.

“Pushing through the market square
So many mothers sighing
News had just came over
We had 5 years left to die in”

5 Years – David Bowie

I’ve always loved that song,  the opening track from Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album.

The album is best listened to from end to end in entirety from 5 Years to Rock’n’Roll Suicide,  it paints a nightmare vision, the time-limited existence of earth in parallel with the rise and fall of Ziggy culminating in his death.

I love the full album with rare exception, Starman, Suffragette, Moonage Daydream and Ziggy being the highs,  the lows .. because you need lows to make highs .. being It Aint Easy … not that its a bad song .. just doesn’t have the buzz of the rest.

Ziggy,   an ambiguous androgynous ethereal being,   definitely male but with hints of mixed gender particularly on Lady Stardust.

TV and Social Media were full of Bowie tributes and plaudits last night.   Many people posting what Bowie meant to them or extracts from his concerts or acting performances,  I particularly enjoyed the Ricky Gervias extract and all credit to Ricky for allowing himself to be the butt of the joke.

As detailed in yesterdays blog,  I’ve always been a Bowie fan,   always will.

It was strange reading posts from friends and acquaintances professing to be fans,  knowing full well that they have never been to a Bowie gig and if they do have one of his albums then its probably his greatest hits.

Does that matter?  

Not really,  you take from it what you want,  if you like,  good.

In amongst all the plaudits,  a message from a friend of mine brought reality back into perspective,   yesterday was their daughters birthday,  the first since she passed away last year.

I happened to be sitting with my own daughter at the time and we read the long heart-wrenching message together,  we both had tears in our eyes and I hugged her and told her I loved her.

It’s all about perspective,   Bowie has gone but we still have his music,  the imprint he left on my generation and the many bands that site him as an influence

Bowie changed his perspective in his later years,   from the rock star and all that goes with it to the family man,   valuing his children and home life.

Does anything else really matter?

Bowie on growing old.











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