The Perfect Apology?

As you may know,  I’ve been learning piano for 15 years or so .. still learning .. its that kind of thing.

Last year sometime I wrote a blog on the song ( Somewhere ) Over The Rainbow an analysis of the chord sequences used and why it always puts a tear in my eye .. as it does for many people.

The song Always On My Mind made famous by Elvis and Willie Nelson but written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson has a similar effect,  it reaches in to my soul somewhere .. and if I think about it .. it gets me.

( Secret .. just don’t think about it!  )

The reasons for this,  it really is one of the best broken hearted apologetic songs for lost love when you know that its already too late.

Now what guy hasn’t experienced that?

But its not just the lyrics .. its combination of the key changes and the time change in the middle section “Tell me ..” which revisited the chord sequence of the D A/C# Bm Bm7/A sequence of the verse only at twice the speed.

The timing of the end bars of that section is also changed with a  longer Em at “satis-fied” .. before coming back in with the A of Always on my mind and immediately going into the solo repeating the chords of the verse.

That time stretch makes the song more difficult to sing .. particularly for an amateur like me and . stretching to get it out then quietly resolving to the last almost whispered “always on my mind”

It’s confessional,  praying that the sweet love hasn’t died.   Putting your heart in the hands of someone else and hoping the don’t throw it in the bin.

Apparently the composer Wayne Carson came up with this in a day then added the final touches with the other writers in the studio over a year later.

For me its the perfect apology .. desperate .. heart-wrenching .. admitting your failings …all the things you should have done but didn’t.

You can’t write that kind of song without having experienced it

But I wonder .. was the apology accepted?

My version here .. unedited .. no fancy tidying up using music processors.

Sing with me ..  Maybe I didn’t love you …!!  🙂


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