And Then There Were None …

Merry Christmas to you!

I hope you’re day was as good as mine,  a house full,  8 for dinner and 4 other visitors,  a long drawn out meal, wine,  the new Beatles 1+ video playing in the background,  music of my early childhood and singing along with my dad.  

One of my earliest memories is being in a cafe in Govan with my dad,  eating sausage and chips while Hey Jude played the on the radio.  Early summer 1967 just after Celtic won The European Cup. 

Yesterday,  me and dad had a wee singalong … Moments like that you can’t buy … Priceless. 

After dinner all of us settled down to watch The Queen … Aye right!

We all settled down to watch the new king of Scottish comedy Kevin Bridges on DVD,   Hilarious outrageous crude rude and irreverent. 

Like Kevin says, I used to be Catholic but now I don’t give a fuck!

Today everyone went home,  my kids are at their mums for dinner and dad is back at his … The house is quiet,  but feels empty,  vacant  

And then there none …

Coincidentally is the name of the Agatha Christie novel being dramatised on BBC with the first episode starting shortly. 

I’m looking forward to it as I remember being scared watching an old black and white version when I was about six … Although I think it was probably our old to that was black and white not the film. 

The movie was renamed from the original title of Ten Little Indians as this was deemed as racist.      Although I can’t see why myself,  that’s like me being offended because someone called me Scottish. Don’t get it. 

Anyway,  like the movie,   the countdown is over,  the mystery has been revealed and Christmas is all over for another year.  

I love it!

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