What’s All The Fuss About? … #Christmas

Christmas only comes once a year ..

Thank heavens!

I mean really,  what’s all the fuss about?

Do you get cynical about the commercialism .. grudge it even?

I’ve spent far too much time and money over the past month and the past few days in particular on … what exactly?

Excesses of gifts,  clothes,  perfumes, wine,  food.

I mean excesses .. I have 8 people for dinner on the day including my dad and a few of my brothers and family popping in to see him at some point.

You can’t not be prepared .. excuse the double negative … but if someone turns up on the day,  they can’t leave empty handed.

That just wouldn’t be right.

Take Jo for example,  my daughters friend that I’ve only met once before.

She is coming on Christmas Eve and staying until Boxing Day.

Couldn’t have her sitting while my three adult-kids get stuck into their presents and she doesn’t have much .. that would be completely wrong.

So Christmas .. what’s it all about?

Personally it isn’t about commercialism,   I’m sure we all have a healthy cynicism about that .. its about time with family and friends,  old and new and enjoying the time together.

At Christmas we are with the ones we love.

So no matter what you do,  if you are religious or not,  I hope that your Christmas is as good as mine.

Anyways .. best get going..  lots of last minute shopping to do!  🙂

Love this clip,  unrequited love is just so sad.


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