The Goddess Sleeps … #humour

She’s beside me now
Occasionally snoring
Just those baby snores that she denies
That I’ve recorded for posterity
And to play in front of our friends

Fuck me is she hot
I mean HOT!
Her big ass pressing against my thigh
Is positively sizzling
And I mean temperature wise
Fucking pre menopausal women!

But her ass really isn’t that big
“That big”??
Tread carefully Bhoy!
It’s not big at all!
I just like to say it is
Teasing her because
Just because!

She gets worried about it
It’s all good fun
Well it is for a while
Then she needs reassurance
That she’s got nothing to worry about.
That I love her as she is?
Of course!

You see it’s not her ass
It’s her waist
The slimness of her waist
Just makes her ass seem big
But it’s not big
it’s curvy
The way God intended her to be.

And I don’t mean fat-girl curvy
Curves on curves
Rolls of curves
No thank you ma’am !
Big girls you are beautiful
But I’ll stick with what I’ve got.

I love to put my arms around her
Around her waist
My hands seem to fit her hips
Perfect to hold her
To pull her towards me
My breathe on the back of her neck
Then spitting her long hair out my mouth!
Don’t you hate that?

Then there’s her breasts
Heavy and firm in my hands
Or on my face on occasion
Smothering me
Some 80s band playing
Babe, I just died in your arms tonight
Yes please!

She rolls over now
On her back
I’m hoping the light from my phone
Doesn’t wake her
Cos there would be hell to pay
If she reads this
But not really!
I tease but I don’t insult
I know where my bread has jam on it.

The goddess beside me
Sleeping like a baby
A loud hot moody sexy baby
I dare not wake her
Not for now anyway
She absolutely does my head in
But I miss her when she’s gone!

The artwork is Along Came A Spider by Jack Vettriano.

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