A Harbour In The Tempest?

She tossed him away like a used condom
Last nights love still oozing in its head
Then she stepped on it
His head full of love now wasted
Splattered around her feet

Why?  .. he pleaded
But the answer didn’t come
Only the blinking dots showing
She was considering a reply
But didn’t
Why should she?

What was he to her anyway?
Last nights sex?
Last weeks fling?
He wasn’t very good at either
And there are lots of other men
Men who would pay to have her ..
To have her company.

A song played in her head ..
Love them
Leave them
Do what you will
Who knows what tomorrow might bring?

She set her own standards
Or lack of them
If her mother only knew?
If mummy dearest only knew
What her good little girl
Got up to!

Learn from your mistakes
The song had advised
But who cared?
Who really cared?
In this world you’re on your own
It’s every girl for herself

Life was too short not to find pleasure
Or fortune by any means necessary
She picked up her phone
Citation at nine?
Same place, same time?

Not really sure were that came from,  the first line came in my head a few weeks ago watching some drama on tv.

The rest is a picture of lust, desperation and deceit.  Of Jack Vettriano inspired seediness.

The song in her head is a snippet of Roxy Music.

The title is a line from a U2 song.

Citation is an upmarket bar restaurant in Glasgow.   Good beer and particularly exquisite French Martinis.

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