Taking Control. @HiveHeating

It’s been seven hours and 15 days …

Since I had hive active heating installed by British Gas. ..  Yep I hear you yawn but stay with me!

I’m a dad living with my 18 year old daughter in a large detached home.  Quite often I come home from work and the house is so warm that it takes my breathe away the moment I open the front door.

This is most annoying during summer when my daughter wants a bath but has turned on the heating on upstairs and downstairs just so that she can have hot water.

As a consequence, my gas bills during summer were almost as expensive as last years cold winter.   It’s been the same for years but only recently I’ve bothered about it as the bills are outrageous.

I obviously had words with Claire, showed her how to work the multi zone heating system so that she was just turning on the water without the heating but I might as well have been talking to the wall.

To be fair, even although our heating system is only 12 years old and fully functional,  the controls aren’t very intuitive,  particularly when setting daily schedules.

( I’m even yawning myself now … But just a little bit more )

A few years ago,  British Gas introduced Hive Heating,  a heating and hot water control system which allows the user to control their heating from an app on their phone or a web browser either at home or remotely.

Brilliant,  I thought,  better control of heating means less of a bill,  particularly for those summer days or those times when I’m away from home and Claires at her mums and we are heating an empty house.

Unfortunately at the time,  the hive system was only for single zone homes and could not be installed at my location.

But that changed at the start of December this year and I had their new multi zone “active” heating system installed on the day it became available.

Got to tell you straight off,  it’s pretty clever .. I was going to say fantastic but that would be sad!

The app on my iPhone allows me to see the temperature upstairs and downstairs from anywhere in the world,  I can turn the heating on or off when at home or remotely,  for example if the house is empty or I’m coming home late and want to give it a boost.

A nice feature is the geolocation which warns us when the heating is on but there’s no one home or can alert us that the heating is off but detects that we are heading home again.

The web version of the application does everything that the phone app does but also provides graphs of temperature histories over set periods,  today, yesterday, this week, last week, this month, year etc.

Two weeks of usage at the start of winter and the heating is back in control.    I’m sure the bills will be better too and it makes the £350 cost of installation very worthwhile.

PS – almost tempted to delete this as it’s pretty dull,  not my usual stuff about music, concerts, love, relationships or general comment,  but normal service will be resumed soon!

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