Money For Nothing?

I’m a cynical bastard,  from a long line of cynical bastards,  hopefully my kids have the cynical gene too. 

So when I see an offer of free money,  I tend to dismiss it and don’t even give it a look. 

As I demonstrated to my son recently in his search for a new car … Arnold Clark and the rest don’t sell cars,  they sell finance packages. 

Same as most major appliances,  they’d rather you took the finance than paid cash. 

Anyway,  yesterday a friend of mine tells me about the offer on Money Saving Expert for a collective fixed tariffs reduction of £27pm on average. 

Yeah yeah thinks I!

But as energy charges have been rising significantly over the years I decided to give it a try. 

It took 5 minutes to key in my details and my current usage. 

They came back instantly saying that I could switch to a different tariff with my current supplier British Gas and reduce my monthly payments from £150pm to £100pm. 

But of course this was dependent on the switch being approved with my supplier. 

I was cynical as I believed that I was already on the best tariff with my supplier. 

However,  the good news is that the change went through within 24 hours. 

Would you believe that?

Money for nothing, chics for free!

Here’s the link.


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