Sign O’ the Times? @Prince3EG

Tickets were due to go on sale today for two shows by Prince at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

The shows were only announced a few days ago and like many fans,  I was logged into the venue website and ticketmaster to grab a couple of tickets as soon as they became available.

I guess that the other fans were disappointed as I was when the sale of tickets was postponed.

However,  having now read that the man himself has decided to take a stand against all the usual ticket touts.   ( I’ve attached a link to the BBC site and the Which investigation into ticket resales below )

Prince refers to the Which investigation which has proven that ticket resales are an organised con preventing ordinary fans from buying tickets and particularly premium tickets at face value.

For this he is only to be congratulated as I’ve always believed that TicketMaster and the like were in cahoots with the secondary sites of GetMeIn etc,   scraping off a proportion of the best seats and then selling them on at a markup of 150% minimum with inflated booking and processing fees to boot.

A sign of the times obviously with people preferring to buy online rather than queue up outside venues losing time off work etc.

However,  that now leaves a problem .. with the venues hired next Friday night,  how are we genuine fans going to get tickets?

Personally I hope it’s not a queue on the night.

I’d much prefer the tickets were made available online with the condition that names and dates of birth had to be provided of all attendees and that they have to bring approved photo-id on the night.   If the person can’t make it then the tickets can be returned and resold.

This completely takes out any opportunity for the token touts to resell the tickets or mass abuse on the secondary markets which should be made illegal in my opinion.

The same procedure should be made applicable to all tickets in my opinion and primarily for acts like Prince were tickets are in high demand.

A further thought, dealing with the resell issue in the long term,  is for venues to have season-books similar to the football where legitimate fans have already been prevented and issued with a card.  On purchasing a ticket the card would only need to be enabled for that event,  hence prevent misuse and overbooking by the touts.

In the meantime,  I’m keeping everything crossed for next Friday as his last show in Glasgow was fantastic but with this being a smaller more intimate gig then it will be absolutely amazing.

Check the video below,  the man is immensely talented,  funny and so content in his own skin.

What I would give for the chance to play piano with the man on Purple Rain or Nothing Compares to U.

Prince acoustic set from Webster Hall 2004

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