Never Ever Choose The Best Seats Available! … #U2 #Glasgow

I go to a lot of concerts,  this month alone U2, Simple Minds,  New Order, a Blondie tribute,  a Bowie tribute,  I’ve even been persuaded to see Eagles Of Death Metal tomorrow in Glasgow.

Not my usual cup of Tetley,  but .. we live, we learn.

What I did learn at the U2 concert at The Hydro on Saturday night was never ever choose the “Best Available” seats option.

My brother picked the tickets up for this one,  I had an air of dread as the seats were on level 2,  but as he’s on the SSE priority tickets list and bought them on pre-sale,   I thought at least we will be front and centre.

But no .. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After a couple of beers we arrived at the venue,  only to find we were on the back row and in the very last seats to the far right as viewed from the stage.

Check the view .. I mean seriously?

Does any venue have the right to sell tickets when you can only see the band side on?

I was quietly simmering .. I could tell he was disappointed,  so I didn’t say anything.

But valuable lesson learned,  never take the “Best seats available option” as you get punted with the snash that will be more difficult to sell at a later date.

Fortunately,  as we sat waiting on the show to start,  the walkway lit up to the ‘E’ stage,  closer to the back of the theatre were we would have had a great view if the seats had been central.

The band started, a setlist largely the same as previously published and we knew what was coming,  a selection from their latest album Innocence + Experience but mostly from their back catalogue of hits.

What we didn’t know was that above the walkway there were giant screens that showed the band in all their glory,  played cartoons to convey the message of the music and even had a hidden walkway were the band played halfway through the show.

Got to tell you .. my initial disappointment at the seat location was short lived and although our seats could have been better located the screens made all the difference.

As for the show itself .. absolutely fantastic.

Bono’s voice was better than ever and I particularly loved the acoustic version of Every Breaking Wave .. such a beautiful song.

I am seriously tempted to see them again in the upcoming gigs at either Belfast or Dublin.

If you happen to be going then you’re in for a treat.

Even if your seats are terrible!



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